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Inside every Legal Services Professional is a big dream of helping others and LegalWebsiteBuilder.com wants to make your dream a reality.

The days of a Legal Services website not being necessary are past. Now most Legal Professionals know they need a website not just to help increase market awareness but to also show their clients that they are serious about providing the legal service they expect.

The problem is that most Legal Professionals don't feel the thousands of dollars it takes to place a legal oriented website online is necessary. To solve this problem many try to program a website themselves or trust a friend, relative or programming hacker to make a brochure site that does not include the important features needed. Thus, to help the Legal Professional achieve a successful online presence, Legal Website Builder was developed.

To compete on-line you need a website that is not just as professional and powerful as your competitors, but your site must be a step ahead of the other sites your clients see online.

You need Professional Profiles, Practice Areas, Client intake forms, auto-responders, ecommerce and much much more. Again the problem is that typical sites are very complicated and cost way more than many Legal Professionals feel they need to spend.

Not Anymore! LegalWebsiteBuilder.com teamed up with leading Legal Professionals and a world class web team to develop a website building tool that is perfect for any Legal Professional. For the first time you can build your own website with all the big website features you need, and it all fits into a small budget.

No programming, no confusing software, no complicated hosting, no designer, no big budgets! If you can type a letter and click your mouse you can make a great website for your business in just 5 minutes.

The Legal Website Builder has been designed by Legal Professionals for Legal Professionals and includes everything you need to have a Professional Web Presence which will win market share online. A small sample of what your site can include is:

  • 100 Page Website
  • Auto Responders
  • Legal Newsletters
  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Office Email
  • Use Your Own Domain Name/URL
  • Easy Editing & Updates
  • Real Time Fee Payment Processing
  • Offline Fee Payment Processing
  • Client Data Base
  • Client Comments
  • 200 Website Layouts
  • Email Client Contact Notification
  • Press Release Pages for your Recent Victories
  • 1000 Royalty Free Images
  • Maps to direct your clients to your office
  • Issue oriented Message Boards
  • Ecommerce so your clients can pay on-line
  • Privacy & Security Certificates
  • PayPal Integration
  • Client Intake Forms
  • Guest Book
  • Legal Research Links Pages
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Online Surveys / Polls
  • Hours of Operation
  • Multimedia Pages
  • Calendar Pages
  • Quotes & Testimonial Pages
  • Articles Pages
  • And Much More....

All you have to do is pick the look you want for your site, pick the pages and features you want to include and then just enter the pictures and text you want to see on your site.

You have nothing to lose and you have everything to gain, so why not get your business online right now!

10 Day Free Trial
to build your website









10 Day Free Trial
to build your website



There has never been a better time to get your business online. Legal Website Builder wants to ensure you are successful getting your business on the internet. Take advantage of of our No Risk 10 Day Free Trial and see how easy it really is. If you like your site, keep it and be billed only the $29.98 monthly hosting fee. On Sale Now For Only $19.98! Limited Time!